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BeBroxbourne class cancellation policy

As per the centre rules, a £5.00 penalty charge will be incurred if you do not cancel your class more than one hour before the class is due to start, or for non-attendance. This is to allow other members or customers to take your place. The charge will be applied to your account for each class missed and no further bookings can be made until the charge(s) are paid. Class cancellations can be made online; via the BeBroxbourne Fit app; in person at centre Reception or by phone. We do not accept email cancellations.

Checking in and registering for a class

You will need to make sure you register your attendance for all classes and activities booked. Failure to do so could result in a £5 charge for non-attendance. You can check in on the self-service kiosks or at reception. Our staff will be happy to show you how to use the kiosks if you are unsure. If you have multiple activities booked, please make sure you check in to all of them, even if you are already in the centre.

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I’m Be.Chat, here to help you on your fitness journey.
I’m Be.Chat, here to help you on your fitness journey.