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Golf Membership

Golf Membership

Golf Membership

Golf Membership

You can join us at Cheshunt Park Golf Course in one of two ways: as a member or as a flexible member through PlayMoreGolf.

We offer four types of full membership:

Anytime Golf and Leisure (includes membership of our leisure centres)

Anytime Golf

Anytime Golf (Monday to Friday)

Anytime- Golf Off-Peak (Monday to Friday after 11am, excludes Bank Holidays)

Prices for each type of full membership are shown below.

Join as a Flexible Member

Joining as a flexible member through PlayMoreGolf may be a better option for you if you play less regularly than a full member.

As a flexible member you will receive 100 points. 80 points will sit in your Cheshunt Park Golf Course ‘home’ balance, and 20 points will sit in a ‘flexi’ balance that can be used across more than 245 partner clubs. You will have your own online membership account where you can refer friends, buy more points and book your next round of golf.

An annual one-off flexible membership subscription costs from £375

You can see how many points a round of golf costs at the Cheshunt Park Golf Course here.

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