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Gyms and eGym

Inclusive gyms for members and non-members


Be.Broxbourne has gyms for members and non-members at both John Warner Sports Centre and Laura Trott Leisure Centre.

Our gyms are fully equipped with cardiovascular, resistance and free-weights equipment as well as a dedicated functional training space and eGym suite at both centres. at Laura Trott Leisure Centre, we also have the new Elevate Bodyweight Training suite.

Our fitness trainers are on hand if you want any help during your visit. If you want extra support we have a full team of personal trainers available for 1-to-1 training sessions of 30 minutes or 60 minutes.


If you have dual-site membership you have unlimited access to:

Our free app provides class timetables, online booking for a range of activities, social media platforms, fitness tracking and analysis, and the latest updates. Our app will also allow you to link to many of the popular fitness tracking devices and fitness apps on the market. Search for ‘Be.Broxbourne Fit’ in Apple’s App Store or on Google Play

For added peace of mind the gyms at both centres are fitted with the Clenzair active filtration system to provide protection against viruses and bacteria.

GYM min
eGYM min


eGYM is a digital personalised training programme. It delivers a balanced, full-body work out with automated progression.

There are no adjustments to make, no settings to change, nothing to remember. eGYM will do it all for you.

We recommend using eGYM between 30-40 minutes 3 times a week, eGYM is available at both John Warner Sports Centre and Laura Trott Leisure Centre.

Once you are familiar with eGym, you can upgrade to eGym Plus at no extra cost.

At the Laura Trott Leisure Centre we have installed the brand new eGym Hub, an interactive screen which not only measures your unique biometrics (e.g biometric age, fat % and muscle mass) it can also perform strength and flexibility tests and track your cardio, when linked to your wearable fitness tracker.

The eGym fitness hub also measures your limb lengths to ensure the eGym equipment is tailored to your exact specification each time you use it.

You can link eGym Hub to your BeBroxbourne Fit app, so you have all your fitness data with you wherever you are.

For more information about downloading the apps and linking them, visit our help page


To find out more about eGYM, or book an induction contact us now using our online contact form, ask at reception or give us a call.

Non Members

You do not have to be a member to use our gyms. You can ‘pay and play’ as shown. Please note all our centres are now cashless and payment at Reception can only be made by card. If you will be using the centre regularly, you could save money by becoming a member. We have a number of different membership types – including no-commitment monthly membership and group membership. Visit the membership page to find out more.

Gym Induction £35.40
Youth/Active Youth Induction £20.30
Adult Gym Session £9.40
Active Youth Gym Session £5.20
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I’m Be.Chat, here to help you on your fitness journey.
I’m Be.Chat, here to help you on your fitness journey.