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  • Customer Notice: As the safety of all sports hall users is a priority, Pickleball can only be played on courts 1 and 2.

Elevate Bodyweight Circuit training

The Elevate Circuit

The Elevate Bodyweight Circuit has now been installed in the upper level gym at Laura Trott Leisure Centre. Each piece of equipment applies the unique concept of incline bodyweight training as the method of resistance, rather than the traditional weighted resistance most fitness equipment is built upon. The equipment is designed to be simple and intuitive to use yet challenging for all fitness levels and features five different pieces offering seven incremental resistance levels to take you from beginner bodyweight training to advanced level. Unlimited of the use of the new circuit equipment is free to Be.Fit members. Please ask one of our trainers if you need help in using this equipment.

The new Elevate suite at Laura Trott Leisure Centre
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I’m Be.Chat, here to help you on your fitness journey.
I’m Be.Chat, here to help you on your fitness journey.